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Probate Estate Matters & Trust Administration


Why Hire A Probate Attorney?

Are you the Executor of a Will?

If you have been named the Executor of a Will, you have been given an enormous responsibility.  Settling a person’s estate can seem overwhelming – both legally and emotionally.  That’s why having an attorney well versed in Probate Law on your side is essential.  An experienced Probate Attorney will be knowledgeable in probate court proceedings and state laws and can provide critical direction in legal issues.

Elizabeth A. Beck has over 30 years experience in estate matters.  As your probate attorney, she will be able to help you with navigating the probate process, especially pertaining to the following areas:

  • Creating an accurate inventory of the estate’s assets & liabilities
  • Paying the debts of the Estate
  • Filing tax returns on behalf of the Estate
  • Distributing assets of the deceased
  • Dealing with the deceased’s creditors
  • Sale or Transfer of the decedent’s real estate


Unfortunately sometimes the most well intentioned estate plan goes wrong. It is at times like these that consulting with an experienced Probate Attorney  can be a life saver.  Elizabeth A. Beck is able to draw on her 30 years of experience in the probate field to offer advice and solutions to problems that arise such as:

  • Administrators or Executors who are failing to perform their duties
  • Questions regarding the validity of a Will
  • Claims of creditors and estates with insufficient assets to pay creditors


Not all property is subject to probate proceedings.  Under Illinois law, probate is not required when a person who dies holding title to less than $100,000 of assets, including bank accounts that do not have designated beneficiaries or has assets which are held jointly with another person.  For instance, assets may be transferred outside of the probate process through joint tenancy, Trusts, or Transfer on Death Instrument (TODI).  If you need assistance settling estates outside of the probate court, contact ELIZABETH A. BECK.  Her 30 years of experience in the matters of Probate law will help you get the best possible results for your case.


Elizabeth A. Beck provides legal services for both Trustees and for Trust beneficiaries.  So whether you are serving as Trustee and need advice on Trust Administration or whether you are a beneficiary in need of someone to protect your interest in the trust administration process, Elizabeth A. Beck can provide the legal representation you need.


An Executor of a Will or a Trustee of a Trust must settle the deceased person’s or Trusts tax obligations. This includes filing taxes on posthumous earnings gained through interest, investments or a deferred salary.  In order to pay these taxes, an Executor or Trustee must file Federal and State income taxes using a Form 1041 for both trust and estates.

If you would like assistance in preparing Federal and State Fiduciary Income Tax returns, choose Elizabeth A. Beck.  With over 30 years of practice, she can help you square away tax matters with precision and ease so that you can finish your duties as an Executor or Trustee.